SaltConf15: Sequentially Ordered Execution in SaltStack talk and slides

Here’s another talk that I gave at SaltConf15. It’s about sequentially ordered Salt and if you’ve read my blog posts on it, this probably won’t add a lot of technical info, but it’ll give a lot more context behind why you’d want to use Salt in a sequentially ordered way. Enjoy!

Sequentially Ordered Execution in SaltStack

Here’s the slides.. Note: though my blog is creative commons licensed, the slides are all rights reserved (sorry!).

  • Alexandre

    Hi there,
    I agree that the jinja includes are not the best approach as it is pretty hard to debug.
    SaltStack should implement a way to have multiple includes.
    Anyway, congrats for the presentation!


    • Thanks! Yeah, multiple includes (that include at the spot of definition) would be ideal.