OpenStack wiki migration

On Feb 15th we migrated the MoinMoin powered OpenStack wiki to a new wiki powered by MediaWiki. Overall the migration went well. There was a large amount of cleanup that needed to get done, but we followed up the migration with a doc cleanup sprint. The wiki should be in a mostly good state. If you happen to find any articles that need cleanup, be bold!

So, what’s new with the wiki?

  1. All articles now have discussion pages
  2. It’s possible to make PDFs out of individual pages or to create a book (as a PDF or an actual physical book) from collections of articles
  3. Uploads are global and can be used in multiple articles
  4. Templates can be written using Lua
  5. Gadgets can be written using Javascript and CSS and shared with all wiki users
  6. Layout of articles can use Twitter’s Bootstrap, thanks to the strapping-mediawiki skin
  7. There’s a mobile view, though mobile device detection won’t be enabled until next Wikimedia branch-point release (1-2 weeks)
  8. Many more features available in MediaWiki that don’t exist in MoinMoin

Let me know if there’s any issues you run into with the new wiki.