I’ve been with the Wikimedia Foundation for a second year. Have I met my goals?

I’m actually on time for this update, this year! Here’s my goals from last year; I’ll give feedback inline:

  1. Continue with the Labs project. Finish set up of test/dev Labs, and begin work and make major progress on tool Labs.
    • Partial success: Test/dev Labs is going really well. At the time of this writing we have 99 projects, 174 instances, and 446 users. We have per-project nagios, ganglia, puppet, and sudo. We also have an all-in-one MediaWiki puppet configuration. We currently have one zone with 5 compute nodes, and will mostly triple the capacity of that in the next month. We have another zone coming up in another datacenter that will be 8 large compute nodes. Stability is still currently a concern, and we haven’t come out of closed beta, yet, though. Also, work on Tool Labs is mostly not started. We do have a bots cluster that’s community managed, but we don’t have database replication and don’t have a simple way for tool authors to contribute.
  2. Hire a devops contractor for work on Labs.
    • Success: Not only did we hire a devops contractor, we built a larger team. We now have Andrew Bogott (developer), Sara Smollett (operations), Faidon Liambotis (operations) and myself (operations).
  3. Build a devops community around the Wikimedia architecture.
  4. Finish the HTTPS project. This will hopefully be complete from the ops perspective by the end of this year.
    • Partial success: HTTPS is fully enabled on all sites, for both IPv4 and IPv6. I’ve listed this as a partial success, because I’d like the default for logged-in users to be HTTPS. Also, I wanted secure.wikimedia.org to redirect properly to HTTPS by now, and haven’t found time to do so.
  5. On-board new employees.
    • Success: We brought on a lot of new Operations Engineers last year and I helped on-board nearly all of them. That said, I wish I would have written more documentation on the process as I was doing it.
  6. Enable OpenID as a provider and oAuth on Wikimedia (this goal still needs consensus).
    • Partial failure, again: That said, I’ve been pushing for oAuth very strongly internally and it looks like this is now a stated goal of next year! oAuth is crucial to the success of Labs, so I’m very happy this is happening.

What did I accomplish that was outside of my stated goals?

  1. Installed Gerrit, moved our operations repositories from SVN to Git and released our puppet repository as open source and cloneable to the world.
  2. Assisted the core services team with the migration from SVN to Git.
  3. Launched Labs (in October 2011 at the New Orleans MediaWiki hackathon).
  4. Wrote the OpenStackManager and OATHAuth MediaWiki extensions.
  5. Massively refactored the LdapAuthentication MediaWiki extension.
  6. Rewrote a couple IRC bots (ircecho and adminbot).
  7. Wrote a new deployment system that may replace our production deployment system.
  8. Did the operations portion of the SOPA blackout.
  9. Organized the New Orleans MediaWiki hackathon.
  10. Organized an OpenStack meetup held at the Wikimedia Foundation offices.
  11. Pushed 790 changes into Gerrit.
  12. Made 1,100 edits to labsconsole (those edits include project creations, modification of projects, creation/deletion of instances and actual writing of documentation).
  13. Got the 100,000th revision in Wikimedia SVN, much to the dismay of others!

What are my goals for next year?

  1. Stabilize Labs.
  2. Add a second Labs zone in eqiad.
  3. Make major progress on Tool Labs.
  4. Add a real queue to the Wikimedia infrastructure, for jobs and other needs.
  5. Continue building a solid community around Labs.
  6. Continue to improve the HTTPS infrastructure.
  • Bill

    Congratulations on another year! You forgot “picture in a black t-shirt” club though.

    • Hahaha. The Domas Mituzas has a possy shirts. Right.

  • Congratulations Ryan!

    I’m glad to see that there is someone pushing HTTPS and OpenID / oAuth internally :)

    • There’s a few of us pushing on this now. It’s a really needed addition to MediaWiki. I’m looking forward to having it.