OpenStackManager 1.4 released

The OpenStackManager extension is a web interface for OpenStack, and a manager for a fully integrated test and development network being written primarily for Wikimedia Foundation use.

This release is mostly aimed at performance and usability. Here’s a list of changes:

  • Added a project filter. Rather than showing all projects, only projects selected in the project filter will show in the management interfaces. This should make the interfaces contain far less text, and should make interfaces load much faster.
  • Refactored the list pages so that styles can be applied to all pages easily. Applied a couple CSS styles globally across all of the pages. For instance, the table text has been changed to be top aligned, to make large tables easier to handle.
  • Merged in Platonides’s change for handling SSH keys uploaded in formats other than OpenSSH format. Keys in non-OpenSSH format will automatically be converted, if possible. If a private key, or a key in a bad formatted is uploaded, it’ll be rejected.
  • Changed the project section collapsing behavior. Rather than the project title collapsing the project’s section, a “Toggle” action will do so. The project name has been changed back to being a link to the project’s page.
  • Projects are now sorted alphabetically everywhere.
  • Various fixes related to the PHP aws-sdk.
  • Move creation forms to list pages for many management pages, to avoid extra clicks where possible.
  • Various memcache support additions and fixes.
  • Added a fix to allow user creation through MediaWiki interface.

If you’d like to help develop this extension, I’ve created a development environment in a project in Wikimedia Labs. Find me on #wikimedia-labs on Freenode or email me to get a labs account and access to the project.