OpenStackManager version 1.1 released

The OpenStackManager extension is a web interface for OpenStack, and a manager for a fully integrated test and development network being written primarily for Wikimedia Foundation use.

This is a features and bugfix release of the OpenStackManager extension. The following has changed:

  • Added floating ip output to instance list
  • Removed cast calls from code pulling info from classes, and added them to the output of the classes (code cleanup)
  • Added support for cloud-init via $wgOpenStackManagerInstanceUserData
    • Can currently add cloudconfig, scripts, and upstarts
    • cloudconfig is currently an array that is converted to YAML, whereas scripts and upstarts load from given files
  • Added schema directory with required schemas in openldap and sun format
  • Added some useful python ldap scripts (note that scripts like add-ldap-user will not currently create users that are valid for OpenStackManager)
  • A bunch of code clean up and code documentation (thanks Reedy!)
  • Added a check to ensure the uid attribute isn’t already used when adding user accounts. Anyone sane is already doing this on their directory server, but it’s better safe than sorry
  • Added a bug fix for project searches; previously it was possible that searches for projects would also return roles
  • Added support for project members to add/remove other project members
  • Added support for project role members to add/remove other project role members

Want to help out with the extension? I could use help testing it; if you find a bug, please report it. If you’d like me to add a feature, add a bug report. If you’d like to help by contributing code, squash a bug. If you’d like to work in a pre-configured environment, contact me, and I can give you access to my testing environment.